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Thursday, May 3, 2012



TYRE LABELLING Consumers better informed on tyre environmental and safety performances The European Tyre Labelling Regulation (EC/1222/2009) introduces labelling requirements with regard to the display of information on the fuel efficiency, wet grip and external rolling noise of tyres. Its aim is to increase the safety and the environmental and economic efficiency of road transport by promoting fuel-efficient and safe tyres with low noise levels. This regulation allows end-users to make more informed choices when purchasing tyres by considering this information along with other factors normally considered during the purchasing decision process. Customers should be made aware that the actual fuel savings and road safety depend heavily on the behaviour of drivers, in particular the following: eco-driving can significantly reduce fuel consumption, the tyre pressure needs to be correct and regularly checked for optimum fuel efficiency and wet grip performance, stopping distances should always be strictly respected. Customers should be made aware that these 3 criteria, although important, are not the only European Commission - DG Energy: information on labelling of tyres.


Critical View              

The new label is designed to show information regarding 3 criteria, however there are many other important performance factors to consider including:                        
  • Resistance to aquaplaning
  • Driving stability
  • Handling and steering precision on wet and dry roads.                            
  • Durability
  • Braking performance on dry roads
  • Capabilities in winter conditions
Automotive manufacturers require the very highest standard across all these performance factors before they approve tyres for their new vehicles. Furthermore, widely published tyre tests also take these performance factors into account and therefore continue to be an excellent source of independent information regarding the total performance of a tyre
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